Shedeo Angorn

The founder of the Unexpected, Shedeo Angorn is an experienced practitioner of the arcane arts. While his age prohibits him from too much front-line duty, he nonetheless does his best to aid his people both on and off the field of battle.

Wearing enchanted armor and wielding a spear-tipped staff, Shedeo oftentimes appears more as a warrior than a mage. His movements imply a methodical, aged confidence, gained more from years of experience than untarnished arrogance. He often walks with the assistance of a cane or staff, as he suffers a rather significant limp.

In his early life, Shedeo was raised to be another tax collector in a long line of tax collectors. Originally from Goldshire, the economic hub of Elwynn Forest, Shedeo is the son of Alvar and Valestra Angorn, the latter of which was a half-elf. He inherited his elven name from his maternal grandfather, Shedeo Brightwing.

Perhaps due to his elven heritage, or perhaps due to the strict teachings of his father, Shedeo grew up with an exceptionally sharp mind, excelling at math and memorization. As he entered his teens, he was entrusted with more independence while collecting taxes for his aging father, and eventually, he befriended an older recluse, a woman named Nava Lockton. She sensed in him the potential to be more than a simple tax collector, and it was not long before she was training him in the arts of conjuration. Not long after that, Shedeo and his father had a falling out, and the young man took to his new magical trade in full.

Shedeo_Profile_02.jpgThe First War
When the orcs began to ravage the Kingdom of Stormwind’s countryside, the Conjurers were quick to aid in the defense of their homeland, and Shedeo was no exception. Utilizing the skills he had learned from Nava, Shedeo primarily focused on frostfire amalgams and the summoning of powerful scorpions. However, after the fall of Stormwind City, Shedeo was one of the few Conjurers to make it out alive, and he eventually joined some of his kin in their journey north to Dalaran.

Despite his young age, his experience on an actual battlefield made his knowledge indispensable and, along with many of the other surviving Conjurers, he began to train the Kirin-Tor’s mages in using their great power as a tool for warfare in preparation for the counterattack on the Horde. (He would eventually publish a book on the subject- “Combat Casting and the Art of Magical Warfare”).

It was also during this time that the Conjurers discovered that calling in powerful magical beasts, rather than summoning elementals, was weakening the fabric of the world, and making it easier for the demonic forces assisting the Horde to gain access to Azeroth. Under the insistence of the Kirin Tor, most of the Conjurers ceased such rituals and instead focused on using exclusively water elementals.

Shedeo_Profile_03.jpgFor his assistance in training the Kirin Tor’s mages, Shedeo was given the title “Senior Conjurer” and a set of enchanted plate armor. He was placed under the command of a paladin and minor nobleman, Lord Nicholas Buzan of Alterac, more commonly known as “Buzan the Fearless.” Together, they would be part of the vanguard of the Alliance forces.

Shedeo_Profile_04.jpgThe Second War
Leading the charge was soon more of a curse than a blessing, despite how glorious it had been heralded. Shedeo and his fellow soldiers quickly became embroiled in some of the most brutal conflicts the war had to offer. The strain quickly got to the young Conjurer. Constant sleepless nights, combined with the constant struggles and rigors of battle and the strain such older, less-efficient spells put on the body, began to combine, and Shedeo’s hair began to gray and his skin began to crease. Regardless of his physical ailments, however, he pushed on, and earned the nickname “Dragon” among his fellows for his utilization of pyromancy.

Eventually, the war began to draw to a close. With the death of Lothar, the Alliance was rallied behind General Turalyon. Stormwind was soon reclaimed, and the orcs were either slain, pushed back through the portal, or captured and placed in internment camps. Shedeo and his fellows were tasked with clearing out small pockets of Horde forces, primarily ogres, from the regions of Westfall and Duskwood. During this small campaign, his team were given special commendations for their acts of valor saving civilians, reclaiming farmlands, and helping to resecure Stormwind’s borders. It was during one such mission that Shedeo suffered a grievous injury to his left leg, becoming pinned to the ground below him by a spear through his thigh. Although the limb was saved by Lord Buzan, Shedeo was ordered to return to Dalaran.

Instructor and Teacher Shedeo_Profile_05.jpg
After returning to Dalaran, Shedeo accepted a position offered to him by Archmage Antonidas, that of an instructor for those who would come to Dalaran to study. In the intervening years between the Second and Third Wars, Shedeo saw many students pass through his class room, and though none went on to achieve anything of outstanding merit, at the same time none of them went on to become members of any of the various cults populating Azeroth in the modern era either.


Shedeo Angorn

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